Is your child ready to start toilet training? 


The topic of toilet training often gets discussed as the weather gets warmer and parents start thinking about toilet training their children in time for the new year. We have compiled a checklist to help you recognise if your child is ready to start toilet training. While your child doesn’t have to tick every box before you start, having these skills will help them master toilet training. 

    • Your child can pull their own pants up/ down
    • Your child has a dry nappy for approximately two hours (this shows that they have bladder control)
    • Your child is interested in watching others use the toilet
    • Your child is uncomfortable in their soiled nappy
    • Your child can tell or show you they have a dirty nappy
    • Your child can follow a simple instruction (e.g. sit here, wash hands)
    • Your child regularly empties their bowels without difficulty

Please get in touch with Dani, our Occupational Therapist to discuss what to do if you would like to toilet train your child.  




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